Lid Driven Cavity in Javascript

The following is an in-browser computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solver for the basic 2D problem called Lid Driven Cavity. In this problem, fluid is bounded by walls on all four sides of a square domain, where all sides are stationary, except the top wall which moves left to right. It is solved with a method called Lattice Boltzmann Method, which is very computationally efficient, allowing me to implement it in a web browser for fun.

Choose from a few different grid sizes and Reynolds numbers (speed of the wall) and click start to compute the solution on your own device. The velocity magnitude and convergence as a function of iteration are plotted in the first row, while comparisons of the results with literature (Ghia et al.) are plotted below for a couple centerline velocity profiles.

Note: This is optimized for computer web browsers, not mobile devices.